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sound files

hanson_cc.wav Hanson: singing the song "MMMbop."
Rifle Infantry: "Very well."
*gunshot, scream*
Tanya from Red Alert: "Hahahahaha!"
*gunshot, scream*
*sound of Chronosphere*
Announcer from Red Alert: "Chronosphere charging."
*several bursts of Cruiser fire, explosion, scream*
Announcer: "Mission accomplished."

hanson_sp.wav Hanson: "Singing Mmmbop"
Mr Hat: "You go to Hell!!!"
Cartmen: "This is like the gun I used in 'Nam."
Hanson brothers screams
Kyle: "You bastards!!"
Cartmen: "I'll blow your friggin' head off!"
Chef: "Boy, what the fudge are you doing?"
Chef throws a knife at the last brother, who makes an Eek! sound and starts crying
a croud cheers and someone lets out an evil laugh

hanson_duke.wav Hanson: "Where's the love..."
Duke Nukem: "See you in hell!"
Hanson: "It's not enough..."
Hanson: "It make's the world go round and round..."
Cartman: "Hey! I'll blow your freaken head off!"
Duke Nukem: "Hail to the king, baby!"
Cartman: "Yeah, kick ass!"

hanson_homo.wav Hanson: "Singing MMMbop"
Guy: "Maybe you all are homosexuals too"

Good Morning Vietnam
pot.wav Cronauer: Remember the people who brought you Korea!  That's right!   The U.S. Army.  If it's being done correctly here or abroad, it's probably NOT being done by the Army.
Funny voice: I heard that!
Cronauer: Oh-ho!  You're here!  Good to see you!
Funny voice: I'm here to make sure you don't say anything controversial.
Cronauer: Speaking of things controversial, is it true there's a marijuana problem here in Vietnam?
Funny voice: NO, it's not a problem, everybody HAS it.

fashion.wav Cronauer (Robin Williams): We've got a special man in the audience today right's Mr. Leo.  He's a fashion consultant for the Army.
Funny voice: Why thank you, Adrian.  I'm just very happy to be here.  I want to tell you something.  You know, this whole camoflage thing for me doesn't work very well.
Cronauer: Why is that?
Funny voice: Well, because you go into the jungle, I can't SEE you!  You know, its like wearing stripes and plaid!  For me, I want to do something different.  You know, if you go in the jungle, make a statement!  If you're going to fight, CLASH!

weather.wav Cronauer: Now, here's the weather, we're going to go right to Roosevelt E. Roosevelt.  Roosevelt, how's it goin'?
Funny voice: Adrian, I'm with somebody! Don't ever come here and bother me right now!
Cronauer: Well thanks, Roosevelt.  Can't you give us a little weather?
Funny voice: Not now, man!  I'm on the balcony, man, I'm tryin' to score!  Back off!!
Cronauer: Well, what's the weather like?
Funny voice: You got a window?  OPEN IT!
Cronauer: Thank you, Roosevelt!  We'll just have to go to someone else for the weather.  I guess we'll have to go all the way to Washington, Weather Central, with Walter Cronkite.  Walter, what's the weather like?
Funny voice: I just want to begin by saying to Roosevelt E. Roosevelt...what it is, what it shall be, what it was.  Weather out there today is hot and shitty, with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon.  Tomorrow, a chance of continued crappy weather, pissy weather, front coming down from the north.   Basically, it's hotter than a snake's ass.....

freddy.wav Cronauer: Freddy and the Dreamers!  (Talks very slow) Wrooonnng speed, we've got it on the wrong speed.  For those of you recovering from a hangover, that's gonna sound just right!  Let's put 'er right back down, let's try it a little faster and see if that picks it up just a bit.  Let's get it up on 78...(mutters really fast) The pilots are all going I really like the music, I really like the music, I really like the music!  Oh, it's still a bad song!  Hey, wait a minute!   Let's try something.  Let's play this backwards and see if it gets any better!   (Mimics backwards voice) ...Freddy is the devil!......Freddy is the devil!

twostep.wav Cronauer: Hello campers!  Remember, Monday is malaria day!   That's right!  Time to take that big  orange pill and get ready for the Ho-Chih-Minh two-step!

traffic.wav Cronauer: Something real special right now, we've got a traffic report up there on the Ho-Chih-Minh trail.  How's it goin' up there?
Funny voice: Well, Adrian, it's not goin' exactly well.  There's a water buffalo jackknifed up's not a very pretty picture.  There's horns everywhere!  I don't know what to say... we're gonna maybe drop a little napalm there, try and cook him down!  Have a little barbeque!

intell.wav SGM Dickerson: I run this station according to strict guidelines set by military intelligence.
General: Military there's a contradiction in terms.

South Park
sp_mrhat.wav Kyle: "Can I please be excused from class?"
Mr. Garrison: "I don't know Kyle. Did you ask Mr. Hat?"
Kyle: "I don't want to ask Mr. Hat. I'm asking you!"
Mr. Garrison: "Oh, I think you should ask Mr. Hat."
Kyle: "Mr. Hat, may I please be excused from class?"
Mr. Hat: "Well Kyle, NO! You hear me? You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!"

sp_nokitty.wav (Meow)
Cartman: "No kitty, this is my pot pie."
Cartman: "No kitty, it's a bad kitty!"
Cartman: "No kitty, it's my pot pie!"
Cartman: "Mom!"

sp_bigbnd.wav Cartman: "All the kids at school call me fat."
Mother: "You're not fat, you're big boned."
Cartman: "That's what I said."

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