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things to do when you are bored

Make a web page telling people what they should do when they are bored.

Rearrange the keys on the keyboard to make weird phrases

Have elevator races in the mall with friends

See who can yell the most obscene phrase in public

In an elevator, meow like a cat then when someone turns around act like you didnít here anything

Go bungee jumping off your two-story house. (Donít try this with a one-story house)

Get a job... (it worked for me)

Try to fit a square peg in a round hole

Try to figure out women

Have a party with Jack D

Paint a self portrait using your sisters nail polishes

Make shadow animals on a wall

Get a bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo and go, ďOOH, AW, OOHĒ while washing your hair.

Play football by yourself

Shred your dadís important documents

Play poker with your little sisters stuffed animals

Electrocute yourself until your hair stands up

Be an OFFICIAL "Shark-Bite Suit" tester

Give your cat a perm

Watch yourself make faces in the mirror

Go to an NíSYNC concert (Iíd prefer doing nothing though)

Spray paint your schoolís letters on your chest and run around the football field crazy.

Arm wrestle your dog

Go ice fishing naked

Talk to yourself in a crowded place

Watch MTV until you've seen one video five times

Try to find the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow

Go snowboarding in the summer

Make a popsicle stick house

Make a popsicle stick neighborhood

Make popsicle stick people to go in the popsicle stick neighborhood

Make popsicle stick cars so the popsicle stick people can drive through the popsicle stick neighborhood to their popsicle stick houses

Oh yeah... eat a lot of popsicles

Take Aerobics

Take a nap

Wake up

Start all of this over again

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